Grecian Columns | Pearl Arch

This decor structure is great for entrances or backdrops or to highlight the main tables or cake tables 


Package includes:

2 Grecian Columns with Round Fantasy Top Balloons

  • 2 meter wide | $240
  • 3 meter wide | $260

For wider pearl arch, please email us for a quote.

Delivery charges apply.


Balloon Colour:

Select up to 3 colours above from the colour chart provided, and insert the following colour code(s) in the box at the side 


Approximate width: 2.5 meters

    • When you've decided the decorations you need, please email or phone us about the costs of delivery, installation and pick up of returnable items. We cannot estimate these costs online until information about your specified venue/location and further details is discussed
    • Price does not cover the metal bases and rods that will be used when necessary to secure the balloon structure. They need to be returned within the week after the event or within the period agreed upon
  • Pearl Arch:

    Indoor Display Time: 3 Days 
    Outdoor Display Time: The use of latex (biodegradable rubber) balloons outdoors can be risky due to exposure to sunlight, strong wind, and abrasive airborne particles. Once installed, we can't guarantee that all balloons in an outdoor column will survive the duration of an event. Under the best conditions, a balloon column used outdoors will look good for 1 day.


    Helium Balloon:

    Indoor Display Time: 18 hours approximately

    Indoor Display Time (with Hi-Float Treatment): 2 days

    Outdoor Display Time: Floating times for helium balloons used outdoors are much shorter than the normal floating time for indoor use. 

Number of Helium Balloons



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